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The endocrine genomics virtual laboratory (endoVL) project established a range of clinical/biomedical data resources supporting a wide range of clinical research groups across Australia and globally.

The project was funded by the National eResearch Collaboration Tools and Resources (NeCTAR) project in 2013. A paper describing endoVL is available here. These systems have since flourished and have their own targeted research environments and associated web-based resources that have been developed and delivered by the endoVL collaborators – predominantly the Melbourne eResearch Group.

Systems enabled by endoVL include:

  • adrenal tumour researchers: ENSAT-CANCER
  • adrenal tumour researchers and secondary hypertension: ENSAT-HT
  • disorders of sex development: I-DSD
  • type-1 diabetes: ADDN
  • atypical femur fractures: TrAFFiC
  • Niemann-Pick Disease types A, B and C: INPDR
  • Wolfram, Alstrom and Bardet-Biedl disorders: EuroWABB
  • Environment Determinants of Islet Autoimmunity: ENDIA
  • Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance: MGHA
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: PCOS
  • Prospective Monoamine producing study: PRESSOR
  • Combined 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography and 123I-Iodometomidate Imaging for Adrenal Neoplasia: FAMIAN
  • Centre for Research Excellence in Protection of Pancreatic Beta Cells: ENDIA
  • Metabolomics sample management platform: MSTR-MS

The endoVL project also spawned a rich range of mobile applications (both iOS and Android) to support the endocrine-related biomedical communities in their data collection and analysis activities. Details of some of these are available on the Melbourne eResearch Group blog as well as in Google Play and the Apple app Store.